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Considering the geological and political conditions of our country, as well as the widespread and facilitating circulation of persons, labor and capital, the law of foreigners gains great importance. For this reason, we provide legal services in our office to solve all kinds of problems arising from the law of foreigners.

In the field of Foreigners Law, we provide a wide range of legal consultancy services to foreign nationals who want to reside in Turkey, buy real estate, invest, work and stay in Turkey for other reasons.

We can list some of the services we have provided in the field of foreigners law in our law firm as follows:

Services We Provide in the Field of Foreigners Law;

Residence permits

Real estate acquisitions and sales transactions by foreigners

Recognition of foreign country court decisions in the courts of the Republic of Turkey or follow-up of enforcement cases

Company establishment and investment consultancy for foreign citizens in Turkey

Real estate acquisition of foreign trade companies in Turkey

Turkish citizenship acquisition procedures for foreign citizens

Marriage and divorce proceedings of foreign nationals within the borders of the Republic of Turkey

Work permits of foreign nationals

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Foreigners Law

Due to the blurring of the national borders of nations and the easy movement of people, labor or capital, problems arising from the Law of Foreigners are frequently encountered. IK Hukuk & Danışmanlık provides professional consultancy services in the field of foreigners law and citizenship law.

We provide the following services for the solution of legal problems that a foreigner may experience while coming to or living in Turkey:

Session permissions

Buying and selling real estate in Turkey by foreigners

Recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions

Turkish citizenship applications and follow-up

Work permit applications and follow-up

Marriage and divorce in Turkey

Managing the paperwork of foreigners who want to establish a company in Turkey

Consultancy on investment issues of foreign-owned companies

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