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IK Law and Consultancy Office in the field of corporate and commercial law, starting from the establishment of a company; provides legal consultancy and representation services to meet the needs of companies and business life such as capital financing, commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, representation in daily business, management, consultancy and service contracts.

We also provide services such as the preparation, negotiation or revision of commercial law contracts of companies and other small-scale enterprises operating in the field of trade.

At the same time, we provide services to our clients in developing their relations with their employees and structuring them in a way that will not cause legal disputes.

We can list some of the services we have provided in the field of commercial law in our law firm as follows:

Services We Provide in the Field of Corporate and Commercial Law;

Company Management and Representation

Establishment procedures of domestic and foreign capital companies (Incorporated, Limited companies)

General assembly transactions of companies

Concession, dealership and agency agreements

Management, consulting and service contracts

Capital increases and decreases

Unfair competition cases

Following the lawsuits arising from the Law on Consumer Protection

Collection of valuable documents, checks, promissory notes through the enforcement office

Follow-up of cases arising from labor law

Preparation or modification of contracts to meet the needs of companies

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