Tax Exemption

There is a tax of up to 18% on properties bought in Turkey. When the 18% share is calculated over the current high estate values, the prices rise to
higher levels. But in this case, it is possible for foreign investors to be exempt from this tax with an exception for foreigners who will buy a property for the first time in Turkey.
Foreign investors are required to purchase real estate for the first time in Turkey. In order to receive tax exemption, foreign investors are required to not
have a residence permit in Turkey. Therefore, in order for investors to benefit from this tax exemption, they must have never obtained a residence permit in Turkey before, or have a residence permit card that expired at least 6 months ago.
Although the conditions of not being a resident is required for tax exemption application, the properties bought benefiting from tax exemption can also be used in the citizenship and residence permit applications later on. The condition mentioned is only in question at the time of purchase.
A document indicating that the foreigner does not reside in Turkey, as prepared by the Provincial Immigration Authorities to be used within the scope
of the application, will be submitted. This may take longer at times as there could be peak periods in the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. 

However, if there are no delays then this period of time could take up to 1-4 
weeks. During the process, the foreign person is not obliged to be present in Turkey in any kind of way. Lawyers complete the whole process on behalf of the foreign investor with a Power of Attorney, where the necessary authorization is given.

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