Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is important in terms of legal quality. Proxy: is an authorization given by one person to another person to do business on its behalf. The power of attorney must be given with the person’s own consent, and the person who will act with the power of attorney will gain the capacity to act on behalf of the other person as if they were doing a transaction on their own behalf.

As with the citizens of the Republic of Turkey, it is possible for foreigners to issue a power of attorney in Turkey. Foreign persons will be able to conclude a power of attorney agreement in different types of power of attorney, as long as they meet the necessary conditions.

In recent years, due to the immigration of foreign people to Turkey and the official transactions they want to make in Turkey, it has been very important for these persons to get a power of attorney. Official and corporate affairs to be carried out by foreigners in Turkey are required to issue a proxy and a power of attorney to represent them. The power of attorney arrangement of foreign nationals in Turkey is subject to certain conditions according to Turkish laws and regulations.

These conditions are as follows; First, a sworn translation of all of the documents below is required, secondly, applying to the notary public of the state of which they are citizens, with passport or identity information. If an application cannot be made to a notary public, foreigners will also be able to apply at the consulates of the state they are affiliated with. There must be two passport pictures for the power of attorney as this is a necessary element for the PoA to be valid. Persons must have fulfilled the necessary conditions in order to have the power of attorney issued abroad approved. One of the most important transactions, apostille and approval procedures, must be arranged in a power of attorney. As stated, these transactions can be issued by foreign persons at the Notary Public or at the Consulates in their own countries. After the power of attorney is officially approved in their own country, it must go through the approval process in Turkey too so that there is a valid Power of attorney that it could be officially used in Turkey.


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