A tax number is an important ID number for each registration and financial transaction in Turkey. The tax Number that the Tax Administration will give would be a number of ten digits and it will be given to the individuals. Foreigners who come to Turkey to work, live or make financial transactions may apply for a Potential Tax Number. Most commonly the Potential Tax Number is used for opening a bank account, buying a property in Turkey, subscribing for utility services, issuing insurance (especially when applying for Turkish Citizenship), getting health services, doing notarial processes, applying for a residence permit and so on.

The application for a tax number in Turkey number is very simple. You have to go to a local tax office. You will need to take your identity card or passport and a copy of your passport with you in order to apply. On the copy, you need to write down your address in Turkey and your parents’ names. The registration is free and you will not be charged.  Once you have applied for your tax number, your application for tax number will be monitored by all of the Turkish financial Institutions. For example, one of these institutions will be banks meaning that you will be able to open a bank account.

As mentioned above you will be able to obtain a tax number by just visiting a local Tax Office (Vergi Dairesi). All of these applications will only take short minutes. Once you have obtained your Tax ID Number, you will be able to make all of the transactions needed.

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