Citizenship By Exemption

There are 3 exceptional ways to apply to Turkish Citizenship:

  1. Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

Foreigners who purchase a real estate property that is worth 400.000 USD dollars can obtain Turkish Citizenship. Foreigners who are buying real estate in order to apply for citizenship should also keep in mind that they do not need to buy only one property worth of 400.000 USD dollars, it could be more than one property but it has to be cost the total of 400.000 USD dollars.

  1. Citizenship by Bank Investment

Foreigners who deposit an amount worth 500.000 USD dollars into a Turkish Bank in Turkey then they can obtain Turkish Citizenship.

  1. Citizenship by Employment

Foreigners who own a company in Turkey and employ 50 Turkish employees will be eligible to apply for Turkish Citizenship.

In citizenship applications by exception, foreign persons are not required to have resided in Turkey before. Even without being present in Turkey at all, citizenship applications may be sought by power of attorney if foreign persons granted lawyers an authorization to undertake the legal procedures within the scope of citizenship application.

There is no waiting process in this type of application. In other words, once an investment is made, foreign persons allowed to start the process.

Applications are submitted for all family members including investor, investor’s spouse, and investor’s all children under the age of 18, and Turkish citizenship is acquired by all family members at the same time.

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