Tax Exemption

Tax Exemption There is a tax of up to 18% on properties bought in Turkey. When the 18% share is calculated over the current high estate values, the prices rise tohigher levels. But in this case, it is possible for foreign investors to be exempt from this tax with an exception for foreigners who will […]

Citizenship By Exemption

Citizenship By Exemption There are 3 exceptional ways to apply to Turkish Citizenship: Citizenship by Real Estate Investment Foreigners who purchase a real estate property that is worth 400.000 USD dollars can obtain Turkish Citizenship. Foreigners who are buying real estate in order to apply for citizenship should also keep in mind that they do […]

Establishing a Company in Turkey

Establishing a Company in Turkey According to the legislation governing the establishment of companies by foreigners in Turkey, it ensures that foreign investors, companies or individuals can start a business and company. International investors can form all types of companies specified under the Turkish Commercial Code.Foreigners can establish any kind of company that Turkish citizens […]

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney Power of attorney is important in terms of legal quality. Proxy: is an authorization given by one person to another person to do business on its behalf. The power of attorney must be given with the person’s own consent, and the person who will act with the power of attorney will gain […]


Certificate of Conformity Report The application for a Certificate of Conformity is issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, for foreign investors who purchase real estate worth at least 400,000 USD or equivalent in foreign currency or Turkish lira, provided that an annotation is put in the […]

Potential Tax Number

POTENTIAL TAX NUMBER A tax number is an important ID number for each registration and financial transaction in Turkey. The tax Number that the Tax Administration will give would be a number of ten digits and it will be given to the individuals. Foreigners who come to Turkey to work, live or make financial transactions […]

Law Change

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE CHANGES MADE TO THE TURKISH CITIZENSHIP LAW According to the newly issued circular, the value of 250.000 USD Dollars, determined as the lower limit for Turkish Citizenship application, has been increased to 400.000 USD Dollars. On 13.05.2022 No. 55541 decision, the circular published in the Official Gazette started to operate on […]


CURRENCY PURCHASE DOCUMENT The foreign currency purchase document is a document that is shown by the foreign buyer that they went to the Land Registry Office and that the foreign currency is sold in a bank operating in Turkey to be sold to the Central Bank before the sale is made. Foreigners are obliged to […]

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